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This article is valid for: Primavera P6 EPPM, Primavera P6 PPM.

Connect to the Primavera database by the privuser, for example with SQL Server Management Studio or SQLPlus.

1. Query the USESSION table for the users 'session_id':

select session_id from USESSION where delete_session_id is NULL and user_id = (select user_id from users where user_name = '');

2. Delete the users records in the table UPKLIST (Does not apply for SQL Lite):

Delete from UPKLIST where session_id = ;

3. Delete the users records in the table PROJSHAR:

Delete from PROJSHAR where session_id = ;

4. Delete the users records in the table USESSION:

Delete from USESSION where session_id = ;

5. [Oracle Users Only] After running the delete statements, issue a commit statement using:


If this does not solve your issue, please contact Aram Support.

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