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Primavera P6 and MS SQL Server - requirements, limitations and advises
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Requirements, limitations and possibilities

  • SQL cluster is not supported (Oracle Doc ID 2113800.1); database clustering is only supported with Oracle databases.
  • MSSQL FILESTREAM must be enabled.
  • Database names cannot have a dash in the name; underscores are allowed.
  • The database passwords should not contain any special characters due to issues with the installation/upgrade scripts.
    • Disallowed characters: { } [ ] : ; , . ? ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ | / \ ~ `
  • SQL authentication must be enabled.
  • The sa password is required for P6 schema installation, upgrading and migration.
  • Microsoft SQL Azure managed instance (PAAS) is not supported.
  • Microsoft SQL Server installation on Azure (IAAS) is supported.
    • To verify that the SQL Azure server is a supported type, the following query must return a traditional Windows path, i.e. C:\Program Files\ ....
    • select filename from sysdatabases where name = 'master'.
    • If the query returns something else, for example https://servername/storage/microsoft/something (Azure managed instance does this), then this SQL server type is not supported.
  • P6 EPPM v20 and v21 supports SQL Server versions 2017 (64-bit) and 2019 (64-bit).
  • P6 EPPM database conversion/migration is possible from Oracle to MSSQL and from MSSQL to Oracle.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Agent must be started automatically and must running continously.
  • P6 EPPM database schema installation, adds two SQL agent jobs per P6 database.
  • Microsoft SQL Express is not officialy supported, neither officialy rejected. It can be used, but it has limitations and caveats.
    • Limitations: CPU (max 4 cores), RAM (max 1,4 GB), DB size (max 10 GB), SQL Server agent unavailable
    • Caveats: a workaround might be needed for the lack of the SQL Server agent.


  • DB HW sizing small deployment: 4 CPU, 16GB RAM, 500GB storage
  • DB HW sizing medium deployment: 6 CPU, 24GB RAM, 1000GB storage
  • Azure VM type for a SQL Server installation small deployment: DS12_v2 (4 vCPU).
  • The network latency from the P6 Professional clients and the P6 application server to the P6 database server must be as low as possible.
  • High latency will lead to frustration and application errors.
  • For high latency situations, the Oracle cloud connection functionality (not to confuse with Oracle Cloud) can be a solution.
  • Oracle Cloud Connect is only supported on Oracle databases.


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