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Clicking on a button in P6 does not show the pop up window
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When clicking the 'Assign' button (or 'Add' button) on the any of the Activities view assignment tabs in P6 Professional (such as Predecessor or Resources, or Successor tab), the assignment window does not display.


  • This issue can occur with one assignment window and not another.
  • When this issue occurs, the assign window is not visible on screen but shows as open in the ALT+TAB list of active windows.
  • If clicking Edit, Assign, $Assignment_type,same issue occurs as above.
  • If clicking the 'Assign $type' icon on right-hand pane, same issue occurs as above.


  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management - Version and later
  • Primavera P6 Professional Project Management - Version and later


This issue is caused by the user's user preference (stored in USERDATA table) 'left' property for the affected assignment window storing a value to display the window on a secondary monitor, causing the window to not display when running the application from a single monitor. As a result, when the affected user clicks on the 'Assign' button, the window is created out of the screen and can't be seen.


To resolve this issue, one of the following four solutions can be utilized:


Using the Windows Control Panel, try making adjustments to the multiple monitors settings and/or screen resolutions to see if the missing window becomes visible. Once it is found, it can be moved back to the primary screen, and the new location is saved in the database with a value that will allow it to be seen in the future. It may also be possible to get the window to display by right clicking the Windows taskbar and choosing the option to cascade windows.


Use the 'Cascade Windows' option from the Windows task bar to reposition all windows on the present monitor:

  • Right click windows Task Bar
  • Select "Cascade Windows". This will place all windows on the monitor to be visible. Windows can then be rearranged and resized as needed.


Use the [ALT] + [SPACE] followed by [M] commands to drag the windows back to the active display fixes the issue when the other monitors are not available.

For low level steps:

  • [Alt] +[Tab] to the window to make it active
  • Click [Alt] + [Space] (user will not see any changes on screen, this is expected)
  • Click [M] key on keyboard (user will not see any changes on screen, this is expected)
  • Click any [Arrow] key on keyboard (user will not see any changes on screen, this is expected)
  • Move the mouse and the missing window should be come visible


If any of the above three solutions cannot be implemented, you can delete the user's user preferences for 'pm_settings' using instruction from the following knowledge base document:

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